Years and years ago, when I first started drawing online, I picked up a gig for a British Company working on a Trading Card Game. As for it being my first gig you’re probably expecting a horror story, but it wasn’t, it was actually really cool. I created, with other artists 150 characters based on the popular Sanran Kagura art style for a game that plays similar to Triple Tryad in Final Fantasy VIII (8). Scott (not my webmaster, another one lol) and Troy, kickstarted this venture and crowdfunded around 55k and released their trading card game. It was never meant to be big, it was in their words a very elite set of players that are there from the start within the Battledexx club. They made a very limited amount and sent them to the backers. I created around 50 – 60 of these cards I’ll add some art below so you can see them.

This isn’t a horror story, in fact the opposite. I’m in talks with Troy and Scott and we’re going to a very limited Series 2. They have agreed to wait until I’ve finished my other commissions, so don’t panic guys. So if you like my art you’ll prob like this. So what does that mean. I will do it for free, omg free you ask… yes for free. I will do it for free if they agree to do a very limited run of Series 1 before we go to series 2. Logic dictates that that if you re-release you get more players, but this is a very elite set of dudes so I’ve haggled and haggled, and I’ve managed to get a release of one-hundred prints of series one, only available to my fans, so if you’re interested please click the link and buy a copy(s). It’s local and from my shop, so you won’t be sent elsewhere. These are extremely bruce banner limited guys, so don’t buy it if it’s going to collect dust or you’re going to buy it for a little brother, these are gold dust. lol

When they re-release, they will re-open their site for a year and sell series 2. If I can get some copies of series, I will.

Buy the Game Here!




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