Hinata Hyuga

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Requested by BrumBum. Profile Private.

Hinata Hyuga – easily one of the sexiest girls in anime. This project will be a present for my boyfriend, he’s a fanatic on the girl, I’ve even got a costume complete with wig and contacts for when he wants to fuck me. Yeah I know it’s weird, but the sex is pretty epic. I don’t mind sharing this project with backers, I can’t afford to do it on my own and don’t expect Saki-Lou to work for free. Thanks in advance to all backers.


The idea…

Vibe Tease: I want a dildo fun scene, like really really big dildos in her pussy and ass, mybe a floating cock cumming all over breasts. Imagine your gf is sucking your cock and your looking up at this poster… thats the level of beauty and sexiness I want, I want her to be sexilly smiling at everyone in the room.

Must have…

  • Bare Feet ahite soles contrasted.
  • Costume should stay mostly on.
  • Lots of cum.
  • Seductive eyes and mouth with wet lips
  • Tan Lines on breasts
  • Sweaty, dirty and grimey wet look.
  • Outside Background. Forrest or Dojo Temple
  • Huge Dildos




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