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Requested by Jet. You can contact him here.

I’d like to request a doujinshi depicting two Roman gladiators (specifically, a Myrmillo and a Hoplomachus) squaring off in an amphitheater/colosseum type setting, with a scantily-clad, helpless captive girl (Saki) being forced to watch the bloody affair from against a far wall, her wrists tied over her head. You see, this isn’t your typical, everyday gladiatorial event – this time around, alongside survival and glory, there’s an additional, special reward in store for the man who comes out on top… that being the exotic maiden Saki herself, bound, primed and ready to be ravenously despoiled by whoever’s left standing, for all the audience to see!


  • Saki, in the aforementioned clothing and acting realistically, ofc 😉
  • Two gladiators of the Myrmillo and a Hoplomachus schools, as they appeared and as they were equipped in Roman times;
  • Set in a (fairly packed) colosseum;

The doujin begins in the heat of the action, with two gladiators lacked in combat inside a flat, bare, dirt-floored Roman-style amphitheater/colosseum. Saki is in the arena as well, with a single breast exposed (though the skimpy, vaguely-gossamer mini-toga-thing her captors deigned to grant her really didn’t leave much to the imagination anyway, hehe). She’s just far enough away not to be in danger, and ideally positioned to grant the audience a thorough, generous view of the luscious body that’ll be serving as the grand prize for the day’s contest – probably on a slightly elevated platform in the center of the arena, with a stone pillar designed with exactly this purpose in mind providing the surface for her to be bound against. Spectators, both male and female members of the Roman populace, and their reactions (mostly positive ones, I’ll bet~) to the depraved acts they’re witnessing, may be shown/”heard” to help add a bit of extra spice and character to the scene.

The duel’s victor, upon slaying his opponent, will be very thorough – and not remotely gentle – in claiming his prize, with a fairly girthy cock to boot. Saki’s demeanor, attitude, expressions, behavior, and what she thinks of both the fight and the sex, may be whatever the artist thinks would be most authentic/reflective of her personality in the particular circumstances of any given moment. Whatever she might think upon realizing the gladiator’s intentions is of no concern to him, of course, and he won’t even bother to remove his helmet before taking Saki as she is: unable to protect herself, her back against the wall, legs hefted up from the ground and encircling his waist, wrists still held firmly in place via thick rope, forced to look the man straight in the face (or, well, the basket-visor/goggle) as he plows away at her like an animal. After enjoying her as such for a bit, he turns her around and takes her pussy from behind while she’s still tied to the wall, using her like a toy and giving her ass a couple of good, hearty smacks to drive the point home.

Eventually, he picks his blade back up (short sword or dagger, depending on who won) and uses it to cut Saki’s restraints and throw her to the ground; at this point (only if this is consistent with how Saki sees herself behaving, of course – no reason for her to act this way if she’s into it, after all), I’d imagine she’d try to desperately crawl towards the fallen gladiator’s gear to try and defend herself (from what I’ve read, the notion of a female gladiator was in and of itself utterly preposterous and vulgar to the Romans, so I’d imagine the crowd would be both scornful and highly amused), but it’s much too far away and she doesn’t reach it in time before he’s removed his helmet and taken advantage of her crawling form to mount her once again. His face, now visible, should be distinctly Roman, but otherwise I’ll leave his appearance – as well as the details of how the sex evolves at this point (which hole he uses, which position they take, the extent of her resistance, her thoughts/narration, whether he leaves her scant clothing on or tears it off altogether, whether *he* says anything/whispers into her ear/etc, and so on) – up to Saki.

By the time we reach the climax, he has her trapped under his much larger body in a mating press, and he takes the opportunity to bite her breasts (not hard enough to draw blood or cause actual serious injury, but definitely hard enough to leave tooth marks which will be visible to the reader for the remainder of the comic) as he unloads a massive creampie into the poor girl’s battered, defenseless pussy, pulling out once h’s almost empty to give her breasts and face a healthy spattering to boot. The doujin will end with the gladiator being escorted from the arena in triumph, leaving his prey – martial and sexual alike – on the floor of the arena, one in a pool of blood, the other in a puddle of other, much lewder fluids. The latter of these is being fed by the contents leaking from the ravaged hole Saki’s leaving clearly exposed to the air and the audience’s eyes (after the ordeal she just went through, she doesn’t even have strength left to close her legs~). The final panel will be a closeup of either Saki’s whole face or a part thereof (whichever she feels would work better), as she thinks it would be at this point – whether it be bedroom eyes, an empty stare, devilish grin, tears of rage, licking/biting her lips… or hell, even just huffing in minor annoyance with an anger vein on her temples! Anything, just so long as it’s true to Saki’s character.

Other than that, I’ll leave any unspecified details up to Saki’s vision. Additionally, given how much of this I’m leaving up to Saki’s imagination and discretion (the entirety of the opening fight, the Saki character’s behavior and thoughts/narration, whatever sex-acts are to be included between the start and finish, etc), I’d like to allow her to decide on what an appropriate final page-count – and therefore, ultimate funding goal – would be.


You guys were already amazing enough to fund my last idea; to tell you the truth, it was the incredibly positive response and enthusiasm I saw last time around that inspired me to think up another premise so quickly. If anyone is willing to contribute towards making this one a reality as well, I don’t think I’d be able to properly express just how grateful I’d be. Thanks in advance to everybody who lends their support! Ave!


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike Bell

    interesting idea. been wanting a decet forced scene for a while

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