Chun Li (Open Theme)

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Requested by The 80 Bin-Man. You can contact him here.

I’ve had a thing for Chun Li for a very long time. I know she doesn’t fit within my normal timeline, I’ve discussed this with Saki and she’s open to the idea of raping the shit out of this very very special character. Even in my early Street Fighter day, the early 90’s, I used to spend all my pocket money on this fucking demon of an arcade machine. So, what are going to do with this sexy whore? I’m so glad you asked…

The idea…

Open Commission: This one is sort of a competition. Obviously you have to back the project to enter, but when you’re done, put your idea in the comments and me and Saki will pick the best idea. The voting will be fair, so you stand as much chance to win as anyone else no matter how much you put into the project.

Must have…

  • Bare Feet.
  • Leave her ripped and torn Karate costume on.
  • Lots of cum.
  • A beautiful Orgasm Face, lots flushed flesh.
  • Really rough and really lewd no matter the situation.
  • Sweaty wet look.
  • Quite a muscular frame compared to Saki’s normal characters

What do you think of this interesting open concept? What would you have Chun Li do? Put your ideas in the comments. Thanks! The 80’s Bin Man.

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    omg luv chun li backed

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Total Backers2
Total Sum$130.00
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