Adriana Chechik vs Sakimoto Yuri

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Requested by Billy Dee. You can contact him here.

I’m getting bang on this Crowdfunding Idea. I had no idea Saki was willing to do real people. Adriana Chechik is my favorite pornstar. Why? She’s been quoted as saying “I want to be known as the dirtiest pornstar ever in the business” and she’s definately on her way there with some fucking epic killer scenes. Now then, I’m promised that this, if funded, will match the filthy personality of both Saki and Adriana themselves, it’s going to be a shitstorm of wet goz and cum, strap-ons, epic penetrations and som crying thrown in for good measure. This will be my first crowdfunded project so it will be interesting to see if this model works. However, I’ve hired Saki for four projects in the past and I’ve never been dissapointed.

Special Note: I’ve followed Adriana on Twitter for some time and she answers her fans, and she’s AGREED to this commission, she’s a huge fan of Saki’s work, and she can’t wait to see it.

Must Include:

  • At least one huge Strap-on.
  • Shaving cream around their pussies implying the obvious.
  • Some serious blushing, Adriana’s face blushes when she’s cumming, she doesnt fake nothing.
  • Red silk satin sheets, on a bed. Back to the basics!
  • Stuffed toys and teddys on the bed.

Thanks to everyone taking the time out to read this, I can’t wait to see if this gets funded. Share this page everywhere guys, we all want this!

Billy Dee

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Total Backers4
Total Sum$60.00
Start DateMarch 28, 2018
End DateMarch 29, 2999