Someone sent me this! A canvas! It was sent to me by Rosko9, I completed his project recently and I’m guessing hes more than happy with it. He sent it to the public address of my old studio DPS and they forwarded it to me with a great big wink. lol Very resourceful if a little scary Rosko. I might try and sell these if he discloses who did it for him/her. This canvas is massive, A2 by the looks of it. It’s not something I can hang in my studio appartment, so I’ve hung it in my bedroom lmao shit, I’m the only saddo that’s seen my bedroom ever since I moved in there… I so need a boyfriend, but I’ve been there, I need one that will let me do my art which is as rare as Trump supporter in this day and age. Thank you Rosko, if you’ve got a dick, I could really blow it right now. lol PS. Send me the printing firm details my friend, I got guys that might want my canvases.

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