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Crowdfunding Projects

Alot of people are requesting help funding their projects. Expecting people to pay the whole price isn’t the answer, because some may really like your idea but not have the funds. And expecting everyone else to pay isnt the answer either. So here you can spend $1 to have your idea put as a post, then others can donate as much or as little as they want. All people that donate will get a full Hi Resolution version of your project when it’s complete. But to play fair, you have to make the first leap of faith. Here are some things to take into consideration before you make the purchase.

Thinking of Funding?

If you’re thinking of funding, you’ll get rewards in the form of the finished Image in glorious HD at 600DPI. You can even fund a project even after it’s finished if you really want to own the image with a passion. However, as soon as I start, that image will be closed to any additional backers. See the image below to see…

Subscriber Projects for Backing