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As you can see I get many commissions. So people are not waiting hidious amounts of time, I stagger them by working on 2 or 3 at once. So you’re not kept guessing and wondering, you can find the process of your order below. Once your order is past the “Reference Gathering” stage, you can ask to see your commission in its current state. I do sternly wish you hold out until you see the finished commission though (imagine looking at a half built house, it’s not very impressive). I do understand you have funds tied up in these, but I’ve never welched on a deal and my reputation is gold to me. If I thought the project was too difficult, I wouldn’t have accepted the job. As you can see, many of my clients are ruturners… that should set your mind at rest.

The Process Key

QueuedYou're in the queue. Your number in the queue depends on the date of payment. I cannot show favoritism and I don't take bribes. It is what it is. Just because I draw hentai, it does not mean I can't act proffessional and fair. It will get done, I promise you.
Reference GatheringIf you see this, it means I'm gathering all the reference material. Porn pics, character info, personalities, watching a few episodes to get the feel of the character and so forth. If you see this and its jumped the queue, it simply means the client has supplied all the reference I need, they are not getting special treatment.
ConceptLots of scribbles and sketches until I find a concept that I feel will do the character justice.
PencilsThe first draft is being worked on. Sometimes they don't look right, maybe the character doesn't suit the situation. This isn't always the case, it's just me overthinking. In these cases I'll bring you into the process and get your opinion.
InksAll the line art is inked and polished. I use different thicknesses and line weights to make the pic really stand out. I do it digitally as well, so it doesnt take long.
ColoursBy default I colour in my own style which is a western mainstream blend known as Electric Crayon. If you want something different like Cell Shading, please tell me before I get to this point, as the colouring is by far the longest process.
FinishingAdding digital effects, normally cum splashes, wet spots, lighting. This takes some time, but it's nowhere near the colouring process.
YesAll done, finished and complete.

I’m having a lot of trouble getting hold of many of you. It’s not your fault, being in this business, it was only a matter of time that I would eventually by busted as spam. So here’s my new Email!


Project ContentCommissioned byPaid & ConfirmedProject TypeCompleted
At the Pool. Doujinshi FredYesYesInks (2 of 3)
Dragonball Universe Doujinshi (Screen Tone)CameronYesYesEmail me reference material sakimotoayame@outlook.com
Tristiana FutaRodneyYesYesInks
Burstinatrix HandjobyoucoolhuhYesYesPencils
Alice (Softcore)ZedasrYesYesPencils
OC Magazine CoverHeWhohasNoNameYesYesInks
Sakimoto Ayame (Vore Soft)ArcYesYesPencils
Project ContentCommissioned byPaid & ConfirmedProject TypeCompleted
Wendy Marvell (Comic Page)KnappYesHentaiQueued
Tera OCT-ShadicYesHentaiReference Recived
Alias vs SakimotoAliasDarkYesHentaiQueued
FF14 YuriKohzYesHentaiEmail me reference material sakimotoayame@outlook.com
Mahiru Koizumi (Guro)ReptillorYesGuroQueued
Sakimoto - Sakimoto Navel Fetish themed gangbang.Doc6YesHentaiQueued
Hinata and Misao DarkPiccoloYesHentaiQueued
Private OCDavidYesHentaiEmail me reference material sakimotoayame@outlook.com
Girlfriend PortraitMarkYesHentaiQueued
Saki Funny Doujinshi x2JonYesHentaiQueued
Touko FukawaJonYesHentaiQueued