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My mentor and advisor said something really strange and really true. He said “If you do commissions and only commissions, you’ll end up in a rut where everything you love becomes just another job!”. Whereas I’m not at that point yet, prevention is better in my opinion. So once every two weeks, I’m going to create a Doujin page, something that gets me going and hopefully something that gets you going.

I put a poll out to find a decent character, listing all my favorite characters and you guys voted. So, my first ever Doujin will feature Ochaco Uraraka. So each book will feature a new character and will be around 10 -15 pages long. So work has begun on the first, and twice month you’ll recieve a ZIP file containing the present book and completed pages. It’s a gradual project so for those that like slow boiling builds and like contribute to art, this is for you. Every Doujin page will be in full color. I don’t know your opinion on black and white screentone comics, but they always look half finished to me. So all my comics will be in full color.

The price is just $2.99 a month, which just covers server costs, nothing more, and will be billed at the end of the month. You’ll recieve all files, in glorious HD every two weeks. If you want to support my stuff and read my personal exclusive Doujin, then join here.

What’s contained within the membership?

Full HD page every two weeks Archive Access (Eventually) Access to inks on request Character requests on the start of a new project Story Suggestion Ideas

Current Doujin in progress: Ochaco Uraraka – College Daze.

Sign Up here. You’ll get the ZIP containing the first few within 24 hours, then updates every two weeks.