About Me

Let’s start with the boring bits… or A.S.L, as they used to say on MSN (puko). I’m Sukimoto, as the site suggests like everywhere. I’m a chinese girl brought up in Japan, was even given a Japanese name, and I now live in America. Some would obviously argue that a girl that’s been brought up in Japan is in fact Japanese, but this is irrelevent to me, I’m so fucking strange, nay-sayers would have trouble pinning either on me if I’m brutally honest, since I have a Western Appearance.

On top of all that, I fit in here alright, with little, if no question. I’m currently 19 years old, and my art is boyfriend at the moment, geeks like me can’t find boyfriends, they totally freak out when they find out what I’m into, and if they can’t deal with that, they don’t deserve the option to deal with me.

My Art…

I don’t consider myself as a great artist, but I’m learning, and I do love my creations. I love hentai and I’ll give you the reason why, a reason no other hentai artist will ever be 100% honest about… ever! It makes me as horny as fucking shit, man, and that’s the truth. It takes hours, even days to create a page. From the idea that pops in my head, right through the concepts, the scribbles, the first draft and inks, even the colouring, the whole process just kills me (laughs) — Imagine a really slow boil, every stage turning me on more and more, the wet burn in my knickers leaving me ready to explode. All hentai artists do it for the same reason, and thats no lie or exaggeration, because who would do it at all, if it didn’t?

I don’t beg for money, but I do need Patrons if any of you are willing to part with a dollar or two. I got tons on offer, including editable PDS’s that you can colour in and do your stuff with. There’s also Black and White line-art available, all hi-resolution and ready for you to print and colour the old fashioned way. If you’re interested, slap me a hit up on the “my Patreon” tab there on the right.

Anything you can do to support me guys is always welcomed and appreciated. You’re free to post all my work anywhere as long there’s a link on it back to me. If you’re going to use work that I’ve coloured, inked or Style Mimed, please credit the original artists, I don’t steal art, I certainly dont take full credit for any inks, colours or tributes, so be sure to mention those involved before some troll ruins my reputation because he hasn’t got the facts.

Sukimoto xxxx